We Believe that God has called us to grow as a Loving, Accepting, Praying and Spirit-led Congregation Joyfully praising God, as, together we Introduce people to a Personal relationship with Jesus Christ and Serve our Community by Proclaiming the Gospel in Word and in Deed


We see ourselves as a place where the Hurt, lonely, abused, poor, depressed and angry can find Love, peace, hope, comfort Forgiveness, guidance, encouragement and acceptance by experiencing the Good News of Jesus Christ in Word and as Demonstrated by our members.

  Pastor Steve comes to us from the Ottawa Valley where he completed 20 years of local church ministry. Growing up in Newmarket, Ontario one of 4 children to Pastor Grover and Faith Crosby, Pastor Steve felt the call to ministry at a very young age. After graduating from Tyndale College he has served in churches in Aurora, Keswick, Beamsville and Smiths Falls, Ontario and is presently enjoying the good folks and environs of Northeastern Ontario. He brings with him a like for apologetics, sports, music and the great outdoors.

   He also brings with him his love, Yvonne who is a transplant from Munich, Germany. Yvonne came to Christ here in Canada and enjoys sharing with other women the story of grace in her life and in the lives of others. Both have been witness to beauty coming from ashes and a grace that has strengthened faith in brokenness. Pastor Steve and Yvonne have nine children between the ages of 12 and 25 and admit there is never a dull moment in church and family life.

   Pastor Steve and Yvonne would like to welcome you to our friendly fellowship at the Good Shepherd Church in Englehart. As a local assembly we invite you to come on out and share together with us what God is doing in our lives and community.

SWAG YOUTH GROUP - Teen Ministry

SWAG grade 8 - 12 (Some Will Appreciate God), meets bimonthly for the purpose of following Christ, enjoying our friendship, and challenging each other in an atmosphere of good natured fun. Our events are many,from hiking to cook offs, and from beach volleyball to travel. We host lock-ins and parades, hayrides and movie nights. We are only missing you or your teen, so please come and be a part of what is going on here. Check us out on Facebook for a schedule of what is upcoming

JR. HIGH YOUTH GROUP - Pre Teen Ministry

BRATTZ (Be Righteous All The Time) is our Jr. High Ministry for Grades 4-7. This ministry presently meets monthly on Thursdays. Beginning in the fall of 2016 we will meet bi-monthly during the same time frame. Led by Denise Mark-Bond and Pastor Steve, BRATTZ exists to encourage Jr. Highers in the faith of Christ, and give them a place to develop lifelong friendships and personal skills. Come on out or suggest a friend or family member come and help us develop this new ministry.



Worship at the Olde Towne Inn

Started in 1991, the official anniversary is on June 8th. Prior to that members had met in each others' houses until numbers grew and worship services moved to the Olde Towne Inn on highway 11. After affiliating with the Congregational Christian Churches of Canada, Rev. Micheal Shute was called to be our first pastor and he remained with us until 2002.


As the congregation continued to grow, we quickly outgrew the meeting room of the Olde Towne Inn and needed to look at alternatives. Doors closed and opened as God led us to our present location, where we built a handicapped and senior friendly church. We spent the winter of 1995/1996 planning, consulting and raising money. A special leader was brought in to assist with our vigorous campaign, A Venture of Faith, to fund the costs, the result being that it was completely paid for within 3 years. The building started in earnest in the spring of '96, and was sufficiently advanced by June that we were able to hold our anniversary service in a half completed building with no roof. What a joyous meeting. By the fall, the church was completed and our move was final.

In 2003 Pastor David Murphy was called and ministered to the church until 2006 when there was a split in the church with Pastor Dave leaving the Good Shepherd. At this time the Good Shepherd chose to become a non-denominational Evangelical church. In 2007 Rev. Dr. Mike Vezina was called to pastor. The Good Shepherd developed its current vision, and is focused on providing an environment where people can experience spiritual uplifting and healing in God's presence. Pastor Steve Crosby was called to pastor in 2011 and continues to guide us on our path chosen by our Lord and Savior.